Appentus Technologies is a leading Node.JS developing company with years of developing Back ends which are not just highly functional but appealing to users.


We have always ensured that our Node.JS Development services provide intuitive UIs for clients and customers to enjoy. At Appentus Technologies, Our team of top Node.JS developers have the highest encryption protocol which is enabled in every URL therefore giving your app a top spot in the search engine result.

At Appentus Technologies, we are setting the pace with our skillful usage of latest technologies to provide advanced Node.js development services. We also carry out in-depth research in order to bring our clients' ideas into reality.


A great advantage of Node.JS platform is that you can use it to easily make browser games and Web app with real time communication. Not only that, Node.js platform can keep track of your website visitors and record their interactions with the application to satisfy your business needs.

If you run a small startup or big business, a Web app built on Node.JS is idea for your company. This is because the cost of using a Node.JS platform for app development is low compared to any other tool. Node.JS tool is highly scalable and it requires few resources to handle.

With Node.js, data streaming has now become better and easier. Files are now processed immediately during uploads and this has reduced the overall data communication time during streaming. In addition, Node.js provides a better performance rate for audio and video recording apps during data transmission.


Our expert knowledge on the Node.js development platform includes:

1. Node.js development using SQL/NoSQL/SQL databases (MongoDB, ClouchDB), Phantom.js and Web sockets
2. API Development and Integration
3. Plug-ins Development
4. Node.JS packages development
5. Node.js App Customization Services
6. Backend and Dashboard Development
7. Real-time Application Development

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