Appentus Technologies provides Magento development services for small start ups, medium scale companies and even large organisations.


We are a top Magento development company offering quality Magento development solutions to clients all around the world.

Our top rated Magento developers have built websites on the Magento framework to help meet the needs of clients who partner with us. We are experts in using Magento development services for delivering e-commerce solutions for interactive shopping website where both buyers and sellers derive maximum satisfaction.

Magento gives a very scalable,flexible and feature-rich app development platform that makes it a suitable choice for building a business website. If you get sceptical about using Magento development services, here are some key points that can convince you regarding the usefulness of Magento framework for developing your e-commerce app or any other product


1. With Magento, you're sure to get multiple Web storage capacity with exclusive control.
2. Magenta gives great integration features that support third party websites and other applications including search engines, many e-commerce sites, Open source databases and major payment gateways.
3. Magento offers you great scalability which can accommodate your business information, apps and content as your business expands.
4. Using Magento framework keeps you in charge of all development processes because of its account management for users.
5. Magento enjoys great updates and support from top app designers worldwide. Thus you're sure to get new functions that will be of benefit to your business on the Magento framework.


Our high level of expertise covers the following areas:

1. Analytic Services and Data Science: We partner with your business intelligence team reviewing key metrics with them and then provide quality machine intelligence techniques that will improve the use of data for your business.
2. Migration Services and Implementation services: Our team will ensure a smooth and successful Migration from your present Magento commerce version to the latest Magento commerce version. 3. Magento Cloud Deployment Services: Reduce Magento commerce cloud deployment risk, increase performance and build operational intelligence with our cloud deployment services.
Other areas of our expertise includes
4. Magento Training And Certification
5. Infrastructure Review
6. Code Audit
7. Dedicated Solution Architect and Architecture Advisory

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