Hyperledger Development

Hyperledger Development

Appentus Technologies is a Hyperledger Development company with years of developing Back ends which are not just highly functional but appealing to users.

About Hyperledger

In blockchain mobile app development Hyperledger is created for betterment in various industries like as banking, IOT, finance, supply chain and technology. Hyperledger is an open source, distributed framework that is built to advancing cross-industry blockchain technologies. Although it is a framework based uses smart contract applications on ventures and enterprises. The prime aim of distributed ledgers is to create supporting open protocols and develop standard across industries. For decentralized digital community it acts as an intermediary.

Features of Hyperledger

  • Open source security: Allegedly the Linux foundation created Hyperledger which was accomplished solely for the aim of building blockchain technology and its relevant tool for utmost reliability and security.

  • Plethora of network platform: A collective range of platform mainly Burrow, Iroha, Hyperledger fabric and sawtooth that will support oversee transaction, enterprises to access ledger data and integrate applications to the blockchain.

  • Transparency and scalability: A Hyperledger smart contracts often known as distributed ledger offered by Hyperledger and these contracts are epitome of transparency and scalability in contract of private business.

  • Trustworthy Business Model: Due to this open source platforms business using Hyperledger can readily cut out complexity and cost of legal restraint including blockchains.

  • Higher Accuracy: However, in order to facilitate stable security and accuracythat are susceptible to less error in occurring transactions in blockchain.

Business frameworks that currently host Hyperledger are:

  1. Hyperledger Fabric: As a foundation for alternative Hyperledger blockchain solutions or applications as a foundation for implementation of blockchain technology Hyperledger fabric be now used widely. We create permission network for enterprises with Hyperledger fabric. Though development using Hyperledger fabric requisites smart contracts between peers, user interfaces and smart contracts between different peers to deploy application on IBM or some other premises too.

  2. Hyperledger Burrow: With a smart contract thus, it facilitates the blockchain client with a smart contract interpreter basically designed to the (EVM) Ethereum Virtual Machine specifications.

  3. Hyperledger Sawtooth: Hyperledger sawtooth are known to be scalable and versatile, whereas it is a blockchain platform designed for deploying, building and running distributed ledgers. We can deliver working prototype and build a POC on production environment in four weeks.

  4. Hyperledger Iroha: Hyperledger is a framework in blockchain network intended for prompt integration of infrastructure projects that requisite distributed ledger technology.For case study in a better way Iroha is a perfect choice for financial industry.

  5. Hyperledger Indy: Hyperledger Indy provides individual entity of components for using and creating decentralized digital identities using a distributed ledger.

Appentus Technology is a well-known iphone App Development company working in building blockchain framework benchmark platforms. Perpetually our Hyperledger business process turns ideation into practical applications that are reliable and scalable to quickly test and get product maturity at infantry stages. We have tailor our procedure with 100+ platforms for apps, clouds and Hyperledger blockchain. For each software component we create user interface design to identify focus level, privacy and security. We create a delivery milestones and sprints. We have vivid experience in Hyperledger blockchain development ensuring shipments without any further delay and frauds. As we have worked on hybrid of Hyperledger projects build by our blockchain developers and Hyperledger’s experts, for enterprises we have developed thousands of projects, with content stored on CDN and IPFS, hosting infrastructure on IBM and AWS Bluemix, we have developed over blockchain on enterprises. We created an independent digital identity rooted on blockchains.

Selected Projects