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The tech giant Apples Inc. introduced a programming language called Swift in 2014 at Worldwide Developer Conference. Since then, swift programming has been one of the most desired object-oriented programming languages for making OSX and iOS applications. Before the establishment of swift, Objective-C was the main language for Apple’s applications development and it is considered to be a difficult language to learn. Henceforth, it was the right time for a change to the company.

As a result, Apple started its app development with swift, which essentially has proven to be a powerful and intuitive programming language for iOS, Mac OS and watch OS development. In this article, we are presenting you the key benefits of swift development.

  • Smooth Code Readability

  • One of the key benefits of using swift is that it uses a few lines of code as compared to Objective C. Consequently it caters better readability to a swift developer. Moreover, the syntax adopted throughout the code is very simple and clean in swift language. Unlike Objective C you don’t have to add semicolons at the end of parenthesis for the conditional statement. Therefore, developers need not face annoying compile error just because they forgot to add the semicolon in some arbitrary line.

  • Faster App Development

  • As the name says, swift has proved to be a super-fast and speedier programming language than any other app development language. A complex object sort written in swift will run 3.9 times faster than its Python counterpart. Equally important it is also faster than Objective-C which itself is 2.8 times faster than python.

  • Open Source

  • Being an open source programming language swift has evolved through a lot in the past couple of years. It is consistently receiving feedback from the developer’s community to make an improvement. As a result, swift has taken off successfully lately and it is being used across a wide range of platforms for backend infrastructure.

  • Enhanced Security

  • Due to the growing expectations of mobile users, companies are obliged to build multifunctional and complex mobile applications. And that results in the increased security concern for app developers. One good thing about swift language is it generates compile error when a developer writes code. And this particular functionality allows the developers to fix as many errors as possible while writing the code itself. For this reason, app development companies in the market embrace swift structure and dialect development to avoid app crashes and improve the security of the app.

  • Improved Performance

  • Swift language supports dynamic libraries which allows swift apps to link with the latest swift language version. These libraries are directly uploaded to the memory which eventually reduces the original app size. As a matter of fact, the overall performance of the app is automatically improved.

In essence, it can be said that swift iOS development includes all the modern features and components which an app developer loves. Swift application development is fun and interactive for developers. Therefore, swift language seems to be the future of app development market and probably, in no time it is going to be the topmost language priority of app development companies.

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